December 2020 Update

December 2020 Update

This year no one could have predicted what has taken place in America and around the world. The COVID 19, the election of our president and the uncertainty, the shutdown of our nation and the war that is brewing in our country. This is a war that is not a civil war, which reflects a racial problem. Rather it’s a revolutionary war because of the suppression that is placed upon us by our government. 

I personally do not see this division being healed. There is too much hatred between both sides. It’s a hatred of abortion vs. the Supreme Court overuling Roe v. Wade, it’s socialism vs. capitalism and free enterprise, it’s a war between same sex marriage vs. traditional marriage and the support of Israel. 

It’s a war and the two sides are so far apart there is no way it can be healed unless God sends a great awakening, a great revival. This move of God has to take place from the east coast to the west coast, from the north to the south. It has to affect our universities, the rich, the poor and all nationalities. I believe with all my heart that God is going to send a move of the Holy Spirit before he comes back. 

I have a word from the Lord for you today, it’s not over yet! We choose to believe the report of the Lord and what His word says. We have to pray and to believe God for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit for our country. In the midst of everything going on in our country, God’s promises are still real! God still answers prayer. This is not a season for you to give up but a season for you to trust God like never before. You’re not going under - but over! 

You’re going to prosper this year. You’re going to be successful. I believe you’re going to see God do supernatural things with your finances like you’ve never seen before. Trust God and pray BOLD prayers. Ask God to show you what to do and to direct you in this coming year. 

Praise God for the Word of the Lord. I encourage you to turn off the news and to open the Bible. It’s a light unto our pathway and a lamp unto our feet. I want to bless you with a special “5-Subject Study Bible” for those that can send a gift of $100.00 or more. This Bible will help you read and study and receive more revelation from the Word of God. I also have “A book of Hope” devotional for those that can send a gift of $25.00 or more to help us spread the gospel in Israel. This devotional will bring hope to your heart and mind. 

Christmas is a celebration of who we are in Christ and reminds us of the hope of our salvation and no matter what has happened this year, no one can take that away from us. I have a promise for you today from the Lord: 

“The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” 
Psalm 92:12 

A palm tree is out in the desert and when nothing else will grow – a palm tree will. You will prosper when no one else does because your hope is in Christ. 

Please fill out the enclosed response card with your best donation today so I can send you one of these gifts that I know will be a blessing to you. I’m believing as you bless Israel, God will bless you and this will be a great Christmas for you and family. 

Merry Christmas from your friend, 

Pastor Bob Rodgers